Researching your
Family History Records Online

Researching your family tree records has never been easier.

Over the last 15 years with the birth of the internet, archived documents are now increasingly being digitised. There are literally millions and millions of pieces of information that can now be accessed, making research your family history much quicker than it was a few years ago.

Here are the most common types of information:-

  • Births, Deaths and Marriage
  • Census
  • Immigration
  • Ship arrivals
  • Military
  • Parish registers
  • Adoptions, wills, bankruptcy
  • Newspapers
  • Cemetery and graveyards
  • Family tree information uploaded to websites such as ,, etc
  • Personal family tree websites.

Great Tips and Ideas

  • Many of these online databases are free, so they are a great place to start.
  • When you have exhausted these websites, start on the websites that require a subscription or pay per view.
  • You will know what information you are looking for by then and will get straight to what you want.
  • Many sites have free e-newsletters that will let you know when databases are updated or new databases added.
  • You can either add these websites to your favourites in Windows explorer or write each website down in a book.
  • Many of the free websites will give you some very basic information and then to get the full amount of information you need to pay a fee, such as births, deaths and marriages.

I found a great resource for online records, mainly US records. 101 OF THE BEST FREE WEBSITES FOR CLIMBING YOUR FAMILY TREE is full of links to website that will help you track down your ancestors.

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