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Over the last decade, I have developed a passion for scrapbooking and family history. With so much technology around these days, I think it is more important than ever that we document and capture the stories of our ancestors by using the photos that we have collected over time.

Scrapbooking is not just about making your photos look good, it is about telling the story about the photo.

Scrapbooking Family Hisotry book

My Scrapbooking Book Collection -

as you can see I have developed an obsession.

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I was lucky enough to have a grandfather that had done some of his genealogy research before he died 20 years ago. Back then he did not have internet so his research was very slow but all the same, good for me.

I was able to retrieve all of his work before my grandmother died a few years ago so I could continue researching our family tree. I remember sitting with my grandfather when I was very young and he showed me all of his work and research, all handwritten of course. I was too young to appreciate it and ask more questions.

I had a whole box of his research and also lots of letters that my grandmother had written to her long lost relatives, trying to gather information about her side of the family. These letters have shown me a different aspect to my grandmother other than being my grandmother.

I also discovered Scrapbooking around the same time as I started my genealogical research, but I didn't start scrapbooking these photos for some time. I learnt to scrapbook first and started with my children's baby photos and my extensive collection of travel photos.

After my grandmother died, I was given a copy of all her family photos and I had the urge to start creating pages with these photos. I hope that this website will inspire you to start either scrapbooking or finding your ancestors.

Family History stor

I found this sign with my maiden name on it on the Isle of Skye when I was travelling through the United Kingdom. I also visited a museum near here and I think this is where my interest in family history was ignited.

Read more about me and my genealogy journey on my blog.

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