What wedding memorabilia or keepsakes
can I use in my scrapbooking?

Part of the process of scrapbooking is including all the memorabilia and keepsakes that add meaning to the story you are telling about your family.

Memorabilia is, basically, anything you keep as a memory of what you have done or experienced - in other words, a keepsake.

Once you have made copies of your keepsakes or encapsulated them in an envelope or pocket, you can then add them to your pages.

Wedding and Marriage Keepsakes

  • engagement notice in the newspaper
  • marriage announcement in the newspaper
  • wedding invitations
  • church program or order of service
  • copy of the hymns that were sung during the service
  • readings from the bible
wedding scrapbook
  • marriage certificate
  • the wedding dress (or remnants of) or the veil or any embellishments on the dress
  • ribbons or pressed flowers that were used by the bride
  • items that were used to decorate the church
  • jewellery worn on the day
  • RSVP list
  • table plan or seating plan
  • guest list
  • bridesmaid dress
  • receipts
  • tickets for the honeymoon travel
  • bridal registry
  • engagement gifts list
  • pre-wedding party attendee and gift list
  • wedding gifts list
  • gift cards or handwritten notes

Journalling about:-

  • who made the dress
  • who came to the wedding
  • who was missing from the wedding
  • who were the people in the wedding party and the significance of their relationship to the bride and groom
  • who was the MC of the wedding
  • where bdid the couple get married
  • is the church still standing
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