Heritage Theme

If you choose to create a heritage scrapbook album about your ancestors, hopefully you have found some information through your research so that you can tell a story about a single person or a whole family group.

Good information comes from your interviews of your relatives, from their birth, death and marriage certificates and from the census.

Types of Heritage Albums


You could start with a biographical album about one particular member of your family tree.

Information that you could include is:-

  • Where were they born?
  • When were they born?
  • Who were their parents?
  • Where did they go to school?
  • How many brothers and sisters did they have?
  • What was their occupation?
  • How did they meet their spouse?
  • What historical events occurred during their lifetime?
  • Did they serve in the military?
  • How many children did they have?
  • What is happening in the particular photo you have on the page?


  • Depending on how long ago the person was born, there may be no photos of this person, but it is still possible to create a page about them.
  • You may want to use copies of their birth certificate or you may have a page out of a family bible that they had with their handwriting.
  • Anything that you can find that has a connection with the person will bring meaning to your album.
  • You don't always have to create an album in a scrapbook 12" x 12" album, you can scrapbook in other sizes and also in other types of books. It is also possible to display a page about you ancestor in a frame on the wall or mini easel on top of a side table.
  • Another great idea I heard recently is to scrapbook them in chapters of their life - their childhood, their working career, their family life, their senior years.


This album is best for the history of one family unit. You could Include a pedigree chart with the children as the starting point. Include pictures, documents, memorabilia, and oral histories, journal entries or reminiscences.

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