Cropping Photographs

Cropping your photos is an optional techinique used in scrapbooking. This is entirely up to you and you only have to do it if you feel comfortable with cutting your photographs.

However, never cut or trim an original family history photo. Always ensure you are using a copy of the photo.

Why crop a photo?

  • Trimming your photos for pages will accentuate a particular photo or action in a photo by the different cuts that you use.
  • You can use more photos per page and increase the focus to the photos with creative cutting. In other words, there is more to altering your photos than simply matting them on card stock
  • If you have a photo larger than 4 inch x 6 inch, you may want to trim the photo a little to fit to your page.

Remember......... don't remove anything from your picture that has historical significance or that will mean something to future generations.

After you have cut out or trimmed your photo you can use a corner punch to round out harsh edges or decorative scissors to cut across the corner of a 45° angle.

cropping photos

Look through other people's scrapbooking layouts and carefully consider the photo with which you are working. There are many websites that have "galleries" of layouts that you can peruse for inspiration.

Don't be afraid to do some free-form cropping. If you have only one print, make sure you have another copy. Or you may want to consider doing free-form cuts on a separate sheet of paper and tracing that as a template on the back of your photo.

Using the right scissors and equipment will help to make your cuts clean and you more satisfied with the results. Remember that trimming your photos is fun and adds creativity to the end results – it shouldn’t add stress! Only do this if you feel comfortable.

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