Baptism records in the Parish Registers

Before 1813

The following information was recorded:-

  • Child's name
  • Date of baptism
  • Father's name

From the late 1700's the mother's name and her maiden name were also recorded.

Extra information was recorded at the discretion fo the vicar of the parish.

Sometimes, more than one child of the family were baptised at the same time.

If no father was recorded at the baptism, that usually meant that the child was born illegitimately. Sometimes the vicar would record the child as a "bastard".

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After 1813

In 1812, Rose's Act (or the Parochial Registers Act) was passed and meant that record keeping was better regulated preserved. Pre-printed forms were supplied by the King's printer and separate books were kept for baptisms, burials and marriages.

Information recorded was:-

  • Register entry number
  • Date of baptism
  • Child's first name
  • Mother and father's full names
  • Place of abode - street name in town or village name
  • Quality, trade or profession of the father
  • Name of Person performing the baptism
  • Sometimes the birth date was recorded in the margin of the register

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