Page Layout - Putting it all Together

Putting all your photos and supplies together into a scrapbook page layout is the next step.

If you're going to use background paper or piece of cardstock for the photos now is the time to choose the color for this particular page and to figure out how that paper might be edged.

When laying out your photos on the background consider balancing the page with either the photos or the embellishments. If the page is completely off center with both embellishments and photos on one side the eye will not interpret it as pleasing. 

A good rule of thumb is to remember that you want a page where the eye can travel across in a typical "Z" shape.

Lay out your photos on the background and when you're satisfied with their placement use acid-free adhesives.

Matting your photos

Matting your photos is also a great idea to add contrasting or coordinating colours to you page. Matting is a technique where a piece of cardstock is adhered behind a photograph in order to highlight the photograph.

Using your cutting tool, cut a piece of cardstock just slightly larger than the photo you are adding to your page. Start off with a fairly big border around the photo then put the photo on top and take a look - how does it look to you? You can make the border smaller if you want.


Now the fun begins. This is the time to add your words, stickers, stamps, chalk, powders and any other embellishments that you feel will go with your beautiful work of art and your best memories.

Page Title

Like a new chapter in a book, a scrapbook page needs a title. It tells the person looking at the page what the photos are about.

You can use stickers or die-cut letters for a title, or you can use your computer's word programme to come up with something nice, then print it on acid-free paper then add to the page.


Adding journalling to your page is where you tell your story with words. This will be one of the most important parts of the page when you are scrapbooking your family history.

You will be telling the reader all about the people in the photo - like their names and how they are related to you, where they came from, where they lived, when they were born, the event occurring in the photo and other information.

It is nice to be able to do this in your own handwriting on a beautiful block of paper or you can find use your computer's word programme. There is more information coming on how to do this and create soem beautiful writing using the computer.

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