Documentation of Your
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Once you have the information from your relatives, it is time to start the documentation process your information on a pedigree chart and family tree chart.

I prefer to do this on paper so I can have a visual perspective on each of the family lines. I find it easy to divide the information up into each branch of the family tree – starting with each of your grandparents.

I start with acid/lignin free folders for photos and documents and normal office type folders for information and notes written by hand or printed off the internet.

I like my information stored in a folder for every direct ancestor's surname. Then I try to keep the surnames for one particular branch together in a box. But everyone is different, so you may think of another way to keep your documentation in an orderly system.

Pedigree Chart

Starting with a pedigree chart you can document your direct ancestors – grandfathers, great-grandfather and so on. Try and write down the dates of birth and death and dates of marriage. (You will research the accuracy of these later).

Here is an example of a pedigree chart that you can use in your scrapbooking.

Pedigree chart for scrapbooking
Pedigree Chart

A pedigree chart is a great tool to use as you can document important data of each of your ancestors. You put yourself on the chart as the bottom of the tree, then work to the right adding your parents then grandparents etc.

From this tool you can work out what information you need to complete the ancestral family tree. You may only have a death date for some of your ancestors, so you will need to find that information.

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Family Group Sheet

The family group sheet is used to expand the knowledge about your ancestors. As you research, you will find out the names of sisters and brothers, children and other important family members.

Family Group Sheet for Scrapbooking

Download Family Group Sheet for free from

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